Wednesday, October 18, 2017



I have come to the conclusion, thinking about myself first, that nobody on God’s green earth deserves the word “good”. Everyone is, in fact, some degree better than bad, even though they themselves try and hide, use many distractions, and/or point to someone else. When in need of peace, which the world constantly says it needs and is chock-full of versions of.  It resorts to some half- version of instead of the real thing, the True Way.
Waking up in the hospital the overuse of the word "good" simply plagued my ears and mind's eye. 
"Person one: How you doing today? 
Person two: Good… good. You?"
Everybody's road is different, some bumpier than others. Mine had far more than no bumps, but you can either let the bumps take you out or learn from them. By God's grace, I have and will continue to learn. The First and foremost problem is group-mentality.



Tuesday, September 26, 2017


       On whatever day I came home from the hospital, I came home.
The actual accident which occurred on 19th of May in the year 2007, left me bedridden.
Unable to walk, seeing that I had "parked" my car where one stood a cedar tree.
Cedar is the opposite than soft wood and upon coming into direct contact with my head, instead of breaking my skull, it blessed me with a severe traumatic brain injury, making the ONLY four words able to describe my injury...
<ClickME>>Way BETTERthanBAD<<ClickME>.

People that know me now say that I can have some stubborn tendencies. All that can be said without thinking too deeply is, just as everything it too has a right and a wrong use. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

PEACE is as peace does...

Life is far better than bad, it's actually the opposite of. Opposites. The world is chock-full of them but think about it. You wouldn't have the rich if there was no poor. The same can be said about being pretty or ugly, them resting on the person judging's definition.

It is He that has risen, all the answers can be found in the BEGINNING and END. Because Jesus Christ has already WON in the END and the prince of this world, satan, is mad. You would be too if you knew that you had already lost. Being the prince of this world, satan is merely attempting not to be lonely in hell and take as many people with him as possible.